The Most Popular Phone Accessories


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Power Banks

Power banks are an extremely useful tool for people who find themselves running out of power or people who can't get to a plug socket to charge their phone. There are hundreds of types of power banks available so I'll highlight a few of the most common types. The most common type is the power brick. These come in all shapes and sizes from tiny pocket sized models to large brick type models. The biggest concern for your power bank is how much of a capacity it has. It takes roughly 1960 mAh to fully charge an iPhone 7 and a Samsung Galaxy 8 uses 3000 mAh for a full charge while tablets like an iPad pro uses 10000 mAh for a full charge. Generally power banks start at around 3000 mAh and go up to around 50000 mAh, so you can choose from a model that will chareg your phone once or one that will charge an iPad five times before it needs recharged. With models that fit inside wallets to large bricks and at various price points it's really down to how much you want to spend and how much power capacity you need. If you're looking for a power bank then you might save money by using discount codes to money off. We found an absoutely cracking range of phone accessories at Groupon you should check out if you're looking for a bargain, especially their reductions on any sort of accessory you can use in the

Screen Protectors

Breaking your screen is such a common occurrence that nearly everyone who has owned a smartphone has done it at some point. It's a costly repair so a popular accessory is a screen protector. These come in various styles including PET, PTU and tempered glass. PET protectors are a thin plastic film that sticks to your screen. These are generally the cheapest solution and though they will protect your screen they can discolour and scratch easier than the other types available. PTU are also made of plastic but they have a somewhat elastic quality that stops them form scratching as much as PET screen protectors. The final type is tempered glass, which will feel like your phone screen. These use a silicone layer, a PET layer and then a layer of glass on top of that. These are generally regarded as the best type of screen protector because they are scratch resistant, even when faced with an abrasive material like sand. They are more expensive, but they offer the best type of protection available. They may be more expensive but compared to buying replacement screens they will save you a fortune.

Selfie LED light

This accessory is a clip on light that attaches to your smartphone to provide lighting for selfies. This allows you to control your lighting for the perfect selfie shot. Most models have varying degrees of brightness so your lighting will be perfect no matter the environment.